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Wax Removal

Wax is a natural, but important secretion produced by the ear canal. While wax protects the ear canal from any foreign objects or dust, it also protects the sensitive skin in the ear canal from irritation.

However, too much wax may become a problem, as it blocks the ear canal and reduces the ability of the sound to pass through to the inner ear effectively.

Ear wax that doesn’t cause symptoms and that doesn’t block the ear canal, doesn’t require further management.

Signs of ear infection as a result of wax build-up are ear pain; sense of fullness in the ear; Tinnitus; reduced hearing sensitivity in the affected ear; dizziness/vertigo; and own voice echoes.

The audiologist will perform an otoscopic examination to observe the ear canal. Should the ear canal be blocked with wax, he/she will proceed to remove the wax with either a curette or an irrigation method. Alternatively, he/she will recommend a suitable treatment plan.

Hearing Tests

Hearing loss may occur at any stage during your life. If you suspect that you have hearing loss or are experiencing hearing difficulties, it’s important to make an appointment to have your hearing tested.

At Cape Hearing Aids, we offer comprehensive diagnostic hearing assessments to determine if indeed hearing loss is present, and if so, the severity, the possible cause, as well as where in the auditory system the problem lies.

Conducted in a soundproof audiometric booth for accurate and reliable results, the tests include a comprehensive case history, otoscopic examination, tympanometry, acoustic reflexes, pure tone audiometry and a speech audiogram.

The audiologist will discuss the results in detail with you and your family. Should you in fact present with a hearing loss, your audiologist will explain whether hearing aids will benefit you.

If you do decide to go this route, he/she will work with you to determine which hearing aid will be the most suitable for your particular hearing profile and lifestyle. Your journey to better hearing is an important one. So rest assured that we care deeply to make it an enjoyable one.

Tinnitus Assessments

Tinnitus is a serious health condition that can negatively affect a patient’s quality of life. Although there’s no known cure available, our audiologists are dedicated to alleviating the burden of tinnitus with tailored therapy.

No two tinnitus cases are alike. Which is why patients may require overlapping layers of treatment to mitigate symptoms so as to live more fulfilling and productive lives – even if the perception of tinnitus remains.

Tinnitus can be associated with multiple causes and aggravating co-factors, such as:

- Hearing loss
- Ear and sinus infections
- Diseases/disorders of the ear
- Certain medications
- Jaw joint dysfunction (eg. teeth grinding)
- Stress and/or anxiety disorders

Aural Rehabilitation

To improve the communication skills of patients with hearing loss, our aural rehab program is tailor-made for the individual.

Interventions may include assistive and alerting devices; how to use these devices; communication tips; and auditory training. The latter may include speechreading, hearing in noise, and speech discrimination.

Assistive listening devices (ALDs) are devices used with or without hearing aids, bone-anchored implants, and cochlear implants to make sounds more accessible to people with varying degrees of hearing impairment.

Aural rehab essentially helps patients reconcile with the fact that they have hearing loss and assists in helping them relearn skills lost. The rehabilitation may be done individually, or patients may opt to join a small group.

Successful aural rehabilitation has long-term effects on participation in social activities, reducing the mental burden during conversations and improving quality of life.

Enjoy your conversations.

Enjoy your conversations no matter where you are.

Immerse yourself in the transformative power of Signia AX by exploring the listening examples below. For the most accurate impression, we recommend using headphones.

*Old Technology

What speech & music sounds like with older hearing aid devices.

Sounds appear mixed together, making it hard to discern speech clearly in immersive or quiet environments.

*New Technology

What speech & music sounds like with newer hearing aid devices.

Speech and background sounds are processed seperately for outstanding speech clarity in an immersive environment.

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