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If you’re an ear-cleaning fan, the advice is: ditch those earbuds! According to Karin Barrow, head of Cape Hearing Aids, cleaning the ear canal excessively may damage the ear canal lining and would increase humidity in the area. “The result is infection and irritation of the area around the ear canal and this may damage […]

Hearing aids are a significant investment, and in order to keep them in top working condition, they require regular upkeep like cleaning. Unlike most electronics, hearing aids have to operate in conditions that are far from ideal (the inside of your ear canals where they are subjected to earwax and moisture), so caring for your […]

Hearing aids for pensioners can help improve their quality of life. Hearing loss is a common problem for the aging population because the inner ear (cochlea) gradually deteriorates over time due to natural wear and tear or exposure to loud noises over the years. This deterioration can cause a reduction in the number of sensory […]

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